Lose Your Extra Fat and Get your Six-Pack abs!!

Six PackAbdomen is the most observed part of a male body when a person is shirtless. And for the same reason, getting six-pack abs is one of the most important factors which majority of the bodybuilders strives to achieve using variety of techniques. Abdominal muscles, the central part of the human body marks the finest levels of fitness as well as conditioning.

Getting your six-packs is considered as a versatile effort which needs lots of consistency in cardiovascular training, clean eating and above all a well developed weight training pattern which includes effective fat torching and stomach shredding exercises.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Basically, there are two important steps which you should consider for achieving your target: the first step is to trim your total fat % to below 10 percentage (for women it should be below 17 %), and the second step is to develop your abdominal muscles underneath.[/quote]

Abdominal muscle is made out of the same muscle tissues as rest of the body. Therefore, abs are developed in the same manner as the other muscles, which means that, you will have to make use of weighted resistance and work out in high intensity.

Remember, you have to bring down your total body fat to below 10 percent. You cannot ever lose fat in one area alone and hence can’t aim for just reducing “belly fat” as some of the experts say. You will have to trim your whole body in order to shape your midsection too.

Is Abs Training Effective?

In abs training session, you will be performing lots of ab workouts that influence your entire midsection. You can do best possible number of repetitions and sets. It is really important how intensive your workouts are and also make sure that you perform it correctly.

Since the ab muscle strengths and the fitness levels of each individuals varies, you will have to first find out your favorable exercise routine by trying different ones. In due course, the intensity of workout routines can be increased for getting better results according to your levels.

Shape Your Belly Fat!

Belly fat is one of the things which most of the people forget. Regardless of how good your trainer is or how strong the muscles are, if abdomen is covered with extra fat, then there is no point in exercising too hard. The two possible ways to get rid of this issue is by charting a healthy diet plan and by doing cardio.


[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Diet is the most important factor which plays a key role in achieving your six pack abs. Even if your body is trained well, if you are consuming too much of fatty foods and sweet items every day, then there is no point.[/quote]

Again, diet plans of each individual to achieve fat and weight loss may vary depending on his or her level and type of body fat. There are lots of diet plans which you can choose, however the below listed plan may suit for all people as it helps to lose weight and throw out your belly fat easily.

  • Include more protein-rich foods
  • Add more fruits, veggies, nuts, berries and other food items which are well known for lowering belly fat.
  • Avoid low quality carbohydrates such as bread and similar other junk foods.
  • Take your last meal three hours before bed time.
  • Above all, drink plenty of water.


Cardio is something which helps you to increase your heart beats (pulse rate) and makes you sweat. You can choose anything like running, aerobics, walking etc. Try to do these no less than 3 to 4 times a week. Remember, it takes time, patience and dedication to get your six packs.

This article will walk you through few workout patterns and some tips on how to accomplish your goal for a six-pack abs naturally.


With or without a floor mat, lie down on the floor with arms right in front of the chest or else with the hands touching evenly temples; not behind head. Now, by making use of the abdominal muscles, bend the knees and slowly raise the shoulders to knees. While doing this, make sure that you don’t lift your back entirely off the floor since there are high chances to result in back strain.

Jackknife Sit ups

Lie down in a position as if your back lies flat on the floor. You can place the hands close to your sides touching grounds for balancing. Once you are used to this movement, you can slowly pick them up.

At the same time, lift the knees and torso such that both face and knees meet on an imaginary line which extends from the pelvis to upper limit. Lift the knees as if you will be able to kiss your knees at the upper limit of your movement. Fold your legs naturally and bring down the feet to your hips. Spread out and repeat the same.

Training Oblique Muscles

It is really not that significant to clear oblique muscles initially. On the other hand, you will have to consider this as well. Oblique muscles are present on either sides of the stomach. There are several ways to do this and one such workout includes twisting torso against a resistance counts.

In gyms, you can see various twisting machines. You can perform side bends, do twist while doing sit-ups, twist side-side with any medicine ball in your hand and so on.


Lie down on the floor with feet touching the floor, hands crossed on chest and knees up. Either wedge your feet with something heavy or ask someone to hold it tightly. Now again lift your back from the floor together with the shoulder blades.

Remember you should not hunch (keep the back straight). Then lower down and repeat the same. Once you find it easy to do, try to include more challenges.


Start with push-up state, except for your forearms and elbows should be on floor. With forearms and elbows in resting position, move your glutes to the maximum reach as possible in the air. Now, your body will look similar to a mountain with glutes at the peak.

Bit by bit bring down glutes back to the initial position. Make sure that you do not sag your back below hips.

Planks or Static Holds

Start with your body in push-up position with the elbows down on the floor. Your whole body should be flat on the ground. This position is also called as plank and it helps to train the core including your abdominals to hold your body in a balanced position.

Try to hold this position as much as possible. Beginners should start the workout with as a minimum 45 seconds while the seasoned workers can go for five minutes static holds.

Leg Lifts

Lie on the ground with your hands on your sides and legs straight out. Raise the legs straight without bending your knees and make it around 90 degree angle or somewhat close to it. Now bring back your legs to initial position and touch the floor.

Pull-ups (Hanging from Horizontal Bar)

It is really amazing to know the fact that there are lots of muscles which are working around your stomach portion while you do pull-ups. Try to carry out five pull-ups with the palms facing right towards you and also five pull-ups facing away from you. This will help in the development of your biceps and lats simultaneously.

Ab Roller Exercise

Hold ab roller as you kneel down on the ground. Now, gradually move the ab roller forward away from the body, pulling out arms. Go down to the extent you can without touching torso to the floor. Make sure that the arms are well extended above your head. Repeat the same.

Train The Whole Core

Before trimming your abs, it is highly important to understand what abs really does? The primary function of the abdomen is to work along with the back muscles for maintaining right posture as well as stabilization.

The best suited workouts may include those which force your whole core to go into overdrive for supporting the spine. Some of the workouts which do it may include deadlifts and squats.

Don’t Eat Heavy Meals At Night

Meals which are taken late night usually get stored as fat. This is not just due to the fact that your metabolism is going to shut down, but it is because late-night foods are often categorized as overly caloric snacks as they may includes foods like ice cream or pizza, which are not worked off before you sleep.

It is to be noted that your metabolism will work even if you are sleeping and the fact is that majority of the population have starches and sweets before they go to bed rather than having spinach and kale.

Breakfast – The Most Important Factor

Majority skip their breakfast as they don’t have enough time for it. From weight loss point of view, the negatives of skipping breakfast are too harmful (twofold times): it will make you feel hungry later on and it also fails to kick start the metabolism as well.

Having a healthy breakfast will have many positive effects on you. It will help you to eat more later on and will help to increase your metabolism by around 10 percent for the rest of the day.

Weight Lifting

Even if you are in rest, more amounts of calories will be burned if you have more muscles in your body. In addition, resistance training is also yet another key factor for limiting the amount of muscle mass lost at the same time as lowering the calorie intake.

If you are just carrying out cardiovascular workouts alone without including any weight training sessions, then you might lose the muscle mass including those in the abdominal area.

Stable Metabolism

Even though there is no scientific merit to prove that consuming six times meals per day instead of three times will help you to lose your extra pounds, there are certain food products which when included in your diet plan will slow down your metabolism.

Avoid foods like refined carbohydrates, sugar and high-fat foods to maintain stability in your metabolism.

Replace Refined Grains with Whole Grains

When compared, those individuals who consume whole grains (apart from the servings of vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy, fish or poultry) are found to lose more belly fat than the group which ate the same diet plan along with refined grains.

This is due to the fact that, diet plans which are rich in whole grains will change the level of glucose and insulin response within the body and this in turn speed up the burning of fat.

Catch Your Sleep!

Doctors are of the opinion that, hormones which control appetite are influenced deeply by sleep or due to lack of sleep. In a study, scientists compared individuals who slept for around 5.5 hours per night with those who slept 8.5 hours per night.

They found out that those who slept for 8.5 hours every night were able to cut down there body fat easily in comparison with those who have slept just 5.5 hours at night.

Stress Control

Stress together with good sleep will help you in weight-loss goal. In a study, subjects who had slept for a minimum of six hours and not more than eight hours with lowest levels of stress have reported to lose weight more easily when compared those who were having higher stress levels.

Drink More Water

It is easy to find out the amount of water which you should consume each day according to your body weight. It is said that halve the weight of your body in pounds is the count of the ounces of water which you need to drink per day.

For example, if you are a 140 lb person, then you have to drink a minimum of 2 liters a day. Even though it sounds absurd, make this a habit and try to maintain a healthy body.

Results May Take Time!

When it comes to achieving your goal of a six-pack abs, you should pay more attention to a healthy diet plan and smart weight lifting regime. Following this, there are certain details which you can carry out to take yourself to the next level.

There is no such easy and quick method. You can achieve only through lots of dietary deprivation and intense exercise plan. When booze and junk foods are dramatically cut down for your diet, you will certainly attain a caloric balance.

Once you reach your goal (desired abdominal definition), you should ensure that you continue the same lifestyle throughout for maintaining your abs.

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