how to lose weight-2

How to lose weight -2

Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise (running at slow pace). Inorder to lose weight you must reduce your calorie intake or burn some calories.

Burn 1 lb of fat:


 1 lb of fat = 3500 calories.

To gain 1 lb of body fat you have to take 3500 calories in addition to your daily calorie expenditure, and to lose 1 lb of fat you have to burn 3500 calories.



Limit calorie intake:

Limit your calorie intake to lose weight. Taking more calories than burning (jogging, exercise) helps only in adding more weight. Follow a low calorie diet, reduce your fat intake. Cutting 500-600 calories from daily intake can help to lose 1 lb of body fat /week. Doing exercise along with this low calorie diet can boost weight loss process.
Beginners: start with 3 days per week. Gradually increase the distance. You start with 1 km and increase it weekly. This will enhance the fat burning process and will help to burn more fat. Increase the frequency of jogging after 2 or 3 weeks. Try to jog 5-6 times a week.
1 hr jogging will burn 500 -650 calories on an average person. 1 lb of fat equals 3500 calories. so it will take 1 week ( 7 days of 1 hr) jogging to burn 1 lb fat. Keep an eye on your jogging frequency, as it will affect your weight loss program.
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Set realistic goals, Be consistent, Stay motivated.

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