Health Risk Of Eating BEEF!

Beef banned in india?

Slaughtering of Cows banned in india?

The indian prime minister narendramodi had banned the selling of cows for the purpose of slaughtering.

Beef is a good source of protein.  It also rich source of zinc, b vitamins and iron. But recent studies have shown that it will cause cause a lot of health risks!

Health risk by eating BEEF.

It hardens blood vessels


Red meat contains a chemical called carnitine. Increased levels of carnitine is found to cause the hardening of arteries. The bacteria present in your intestine convert the carnitine into trimethylamine-N-oxide; which increases the risk your cardiovascular health.

it has been shown that high blood levels of TMAO are linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


Red meat increases the risk of cancer:


The iron content in red meat is called heme iron. In your gut it can be converted into carcinogenic N-nitroso by bacteria. This chemical compound is associated with colorectal cancer. In addition the fat content of the red meat can be a contributing factor for estrogen – progesterone sensitive breast cancer.

Increases risk of type 2 diabetes


Red meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. A recent study shows that eating red meat increases the incidence of type 2 diabetes

Diets rich in animal products contribute to the increased risk incidence of obesity as well as type 2 diabetes in the U.S.

Red Meat  and Alzheimer’s Disease Risk


Red meat is a rich source of iron. Eating red meat regularly cause the accumulation of iron on your brain, which is not good for your brain. This may damage your myelin – the fatty covering of nerves gets damaged. This will disrupt the brain communication and starts the sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Red meat is a calorie dense source of protein. You have to properly cook the red meat to kill the bacteria present in them.

Beef is nutritious food but it can risk your health.

You can source the protein from beans, fish, egg…. So it’s not necessary to have beef on your diet.

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