Have a Six Pack Abs in 240 Reps a Week

Need six pack abs ……?

Hard to achieve……. ?   In reality it’s not difficult if you follow proper nutrition and workout program.

The abdominal wall can be divided into two separate anatomic parts. The six pack you are seeing is front wall of abdominal muscles; the rectus abdominis. Rectus abdominis are enclosed in a sheath of fascia whose division is responsible for the six pack. Rectus abdominis is responsible for the bending of torso towards legs and anti extension of spine. The side wall has three layers of muscles. The outer visible region is external oblique, internal oblique the middle layer and the innermost layer is transverses abdominis. Oblique muscles are responsible for side bending of torso.   The visibility of abdominal muscles depends on two factors your abdominal fat and abdominal muscle size. Smaller muscles will not be visible if your body has higher fat percentage.   If your body fat percentage is higher – increase your muscle size by following proper workouts, reduce your body fat by doing cardio, jogging

The program to wake your abs from hibernation is simple. You have to choose your workout from a variety of abdominal workouts. To make your abs muscle visible you have to do exercise that targets your midsection, along with a strict diet plan. Focus on workout’s that target all areas of the abdominal region.

Follow the exercise 2 times per week doing each exercise with 3 sets *10 reps.

1. Decline bench Crunch cum Sit ups

Sit on the decline bench with your torso upright and hook your feet under the pad.
Lower your torso backward until it is almost parallel to the floor. Return to the upright position by bending at the waist. If it’s not difficult, add some weight.



2 .Twisting crunch cum sit ups

Sit on the decline bench, hook your feet under the pad, lean back, and
position your hands behind your head. As you sit up, twist your torso, directing your right elbow toward your left knee. Lower back down to the start; during the next repetition alternate your side. Perform 20 repetitions by alternating sides.



3.High pulley Cable crunch

 Kneel on the floor beneath a high pulley, and grab the rope attachment with both hands behind your head. Crunch the weight downward, bending at the waist.  Return to the start position. While doing this focus on abdominal contraction.


4. Side plank

It’s a core strengthening isometric exercise, targets transverses abdominis. Side plank on the floor with one hand and leg up. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Make progress by increasing the hold time.
        Credits *photo taken by Raj Hiran.
                      *photo taken @ pump and pose.

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