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How Pull Up is Different From Chin Up?

If you are asking any strength coach or trainer which exercises are on the top 5 list, then majority of them will be including chin ups and/or pull ups. It is universally considered as the best exercise variations for boosting strength and building up muscles in back and biceps. Do you know how to perform…

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Lose Your Extra Fat and Get your Six-Pack abs!!

Abdomen is the most observed part of a male body when a person is shirtless. And for the same reason, getting six-pack abs is one of the most important factors which majority of the bodybuilders strives to achieve using variety of techniques. Abdominal muscles, the central part of the human body marks the finest levels…

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Will Compound Exercises Bring Out Better Results Than Isolation Exercises?

One of the most common methods of categorizing weight training exercises is with what or how many muscle groups are used up significantly or how exercise trains the body when it is performed. In this way, exercise is classified as either compound (multi-joint) or isolation (single-joint) exercises. [quote bcolor="#2eb2db"]Exercise selection should be made wisely since…

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The Ultimate Chest Workout for Bigger Chest

Chest muscle may be your stubborn part in your body, very hard to add more muscles. You have tried a lot of workout to add some muscles to your armor plates. Let me tell you that chest building is no longer a rocket science, if you know your chest muscle and how to properly work them to add that extra inch of muscle.

This article mainly focuses to clear you doubts on the anatomy of your chest muscle, the main exercise to add more chest muscle.

I prefer to get a chest in perfect shape, the chest with both upper and lower portion equally developed. Poorly developed upper chest will results in a droopy chest.

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Need six pack……?
Hard to achieve……. ?
In reality it’s not difficult if you follow proper nutrition and workout program. The visibility of abdominal muscles depends on two factors your abdominal fat and abdominal muscle size. Smaller muscles will not be visible if your body has higher fat percentage.

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what is cardio??

Cardio (aerobic exercise)is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy generating process. Cardiovascular exercise is performed at a moderate level of intensity over a relatively long period of time.Cardiovascular exercise are important in any fitness routine.,whether your goal is to gain weight,lose fat or stay fit.

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